I completed my first 50 miler! In 11 hours. I had the best time of my life and officially fell in love with trail ultra’s. I know I will never be the fastest or even close to it- but there is something that happens to me during a long run. Sometimes it’s at mile 8, sometimes mile 25- whenever it is- I completely lose myself in the run. I become fluid motion. And beautiful. I am able to let go of everything else. It’s the closest I feel to my truest essence.

I really am compulsive by nature…

My race schedule for this year-

January- Phunt Run 50k

February- Hashawa Hills 50k

March- Suntrust Marathon

April- Bull Run 50 miler

May- New Jersey Marathon

June- NorthFace Endurance Run 50 miler

July- BURNING RIVER 100 MILER!!!!!!!

September- D.C Ragner Relay

October- Baltimore Marathon and Marine Corp


Now I know- it’s not suggested to do a race a month. I didn’t mean for it to happen! But every time I finish one, and I am still buzzing off it- I sign up for another. Even though I have the kids, work, school, meetings, and the house to take care of- running is the thing that balances me and allows me to be better in all of those areas. When I put down the toxic relationship and the cigarettes last August- my running really took off!