Since the last time I blogged-

I got injured after my first 50 and took a whole 6 months off. Picked back up fast food, cigarettes, and an unhealthy relationship, along with an unsettling deep depression. 

Lost some friends. And almost myself.


I graduated with my associate’s degree!

Got a new rad job at a gym.

Got a different place and a new car.

Put down the cigarettes and the unhealthy relationship.

Recovered physically. Recovered emotionally.


I am back on the right path. Working on personal goals, financial stability, losing the 15 pounds I gained, being a good mother to my beautiful, wild children- running a few more 50 milers this year and then my first 100.

Here’s to the future! Cheers!!!



I got picked in the lottery- so I got into the new york marathon!!!! I am so so excited! 🙂

So I’m at the coffeeshop and this guy I’ve known for years is there. The exchange was kinda like this-

J- So…. you run any marathons lately?

Me- Yeah, I did my first 50 miler last weekend!

J-I bet. All you talk about is running…… (Is he for real?! He just asked me!!!)

and then

J- Cool, I’ll see you in twenty years when you need new knees.

Me- Actually I’ve run with a lot of people that trail run into their 60’s with no injuries. I think it’s more unhealthy to eat shitty and not excercise.

J- Well my hips are bad so I can’t run.

Me- Yeah- it’s not for everybody. We all gotta find that thing we love.



These type of exchanges happen all the time! It drives me crazy! If you don’t want to know- don’t ask. I don’t need that negative bullshit in my life. Why can’t people just be supportive? I’ve had more negative feedback from people I know about my running than I ever imagined I’d get. ESPECIALLY talking about ultra’s. I don’t ‘get’ everything that the people I love do- but I support and encourage them. I encourage everyone to follow their dreams no matter how silly they might seem.

I’s rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.

My and my favorite girl!

Love me some sushi. Always.

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God they’re so cute when they’re not fighting!!


So silly 🙂